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31“ Complete Skateboard - Graffiti

Designed to be suitable for beginner to pro level, the deck is made from 7 layers Canadian Maple with a shallow concave for added comfort while running on.

From $39.99

31“ Complete Skateboard - Coral

The coral color printing invested the board with some new traditional meanings, this should be your best pick for the most suitable skateboard with no doubt.

From $39.99

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Why Choose Us?

31” x 8”
7-Ply Canadian Maple

55mm 95A
High-Rebound PU Wheels


Carbon Steel with a PU Shim

Beleev Complete skateboard is created with the everyday skater in mind. It works well not only for beginners but also for expert riders. That means you will be getting a dual-purpose product. It gives riders with full control over their movements, also promotes ease when it comes to braking. You can use this design to perform a variety of tricks while allowing you to handle obstacles when traveling.

What it takes

Non-skid PVC

Safe for you to ride on it.

Max. 220 LBS
Supports riders up to 220lbs, suit for Kids, Teens and Adults.

5” Truck

Heavy-Duty 5” Aluminum Alloy

It's built with a compact and strong body, designed to be fun to ride and lightweight to carry around, this is our go-to board for anyone who skates everywhere. It comes complete and ready to hit the street, you can focus on mastering the tips and tricks on managing the skateboard. Kids, teens and adults alike will love its versatility and smooth ride.

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See How They Beleev

Cal Beer

This is a great first skateboard for us. I bought it for me, but my 6-year-old really loves it! The board has anti-slip skin on the top and the deck is very sturdy. I tried it by myself, and it moves smoothly. I would recommend it to beginners.

Alejandro Castillo

I bought this board for my ten year old as a Christmas present. I tested it myself and if it is strong enough to bear a 200 pound men, it certainly will work for my daughter. I like that it comes with its own tools and spare screws. Well packed and the materials are strong. For the price, is a no brainer. I will buy another for my younger kid when in time.