Before Heading Back to School, Get Your Kids Well-Equipped

As children head back to school, and vacation comes to a close, it is more important than ever to savor the last days of summer. If you can believe it, fall is just around the corner! So put down your work, get the kids away from the screens, and head outdoors.

Beleev was created with this idea in mind: getting kids outside in nature is paramount to the future of the up-and-coming generations. It’s time to take advantage of each moment we get to step away from homework, housework, or actual work, and feel the sunshine. That’s exactly why Beleev is offering 10% off all scooters for kids and adults! For the entire month of August, you can purchase discounted scooters for the whole family with code SCHOOL10.

“Staying active also impacts academic achievement” according to the CDC. When children are more physically active, they have better focus, improved retention, and are less likely to experience depression. It takes just 60 minutes each day. By encouraging your child to stay active, you are providing them with useful tools to help them succeed in school (Healthline, 2019). No one ever said that exercise has to be boring--that’s where Beleev comes in.

Beleev scooters are safe, durable, and stylish! You can have peace of mind knowing that the products you use are made from quality, sustainably-sourced materials. They are sure to last through years of exercise and fun, making Beleev products one of the best gifts you can buy your child. Kids, teens, and adults alike love the scooters’ versatility and smooth ride. Plus, the ability to fold Beleev scooters means they’re easy to take on-the-go! You can use your scooters to commute to school or the office. Forget about carpools and get back out into nature.

You can order scooters for the entire family now and go create some memories! Tag us on social media in your back-to-school scooter photos using the hashtag #beleev. Don’t let the end of summer slip away.


About Beleev

Beleev is an innovative outdoor brand that has produced scooters, skateboards, and bicycles since 2016. Beleev aims to encourage people of all ages to explore the world in a more fun, safe, and stylish way. Today, more than 1,000,000 happy riders in twelve different countries use Beleev’s products to transform the way they get around.

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