How to choose a suitable kick scooter for your kid?

Nowadays, plenty of parents love to buy kick scooter for their kids, not only because the kick scooter is a great way for physical exercise, but also, it’s fun to spend their free time and the kids can enjoy the scooter by themselves. At the other hand, the kick scooter is also a great way to develop kids’ physical coordination and confident, in some article says that riding kick scooter can also help kids to enhance their motor skill in a very young age, and it could be a beginning step for learning to ride bike since it’s much more safer for the beginner.

But there’re many kinds of kick scooter out there, how can we choose a suitable one for our kids? There’s must be a lot of considerations in parents’ mind, here we are going to guide you the way for how to choose the perfect kick scooter that suited your little one the most.


First of all, ask yourself a question, is you kids old enough for a kick scooter? In the most of kids scooter indication, three yrs. Are the basic age to ride the scooter, but there are also younger kids are comfortably and safely to ride the scooter, as such, if your kids can walk and also run a bit, then they can handle a 3-wheels scooter just fine. That means, what we should consider of is how much safety can our kids make use of kick scooter but not the biological age.


There are plenty of style kick scooter on the market, generally speaking, they can be classified into two kinds of scooter by wheels: 2-wheels kick scooters, 3-wheels kick scooters. The 3-wheels kick scooters have various style, they are as follow:

  1. 2 front wheels with 1 rear wheel.

Here’s for beginner that can control the scooter better, which is safer than any of the other kinds of kick scooters.

  1. 1 front wheel with 2 rear wheels.

It’s similar to the above one but it would be better to improve your kids’ bike skill, and increase your kid’s legs strength.

The 2-wheels kick scooter will be more suitable for kids with advanced motor skill since it can be the hardest kick scooter for your kids to ride. The 3-wheels kick scooter will be better for beginners since it is safer and more stable to enjoy the fun of rolling.


The last and important factor we need to consider is the featured of the scooter. Deck size, folding function, brake, even the material of handle grip, what we need to confirm is if the material is safe and solid enough for children to ride. The size of the deck is also indicative of the weight handle and bearing ability of scooter. Normally, aluminum can handle much more weight than other material.


Choose the most suited scooter for your kids, enjoy the leisure time together.

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