Guide for beginners —— How to skateboarding

Skateboarding is a lot harder than it looks, it can be challenging, exciting, and a novel way to go out with friends. But since it takes time to learn skills or even handle the skateboard, beginners could find skateboarding is hard and immediately lose motivation to keep learning. Everybody has to start somewhere, no one can learn things or skill at day one. Rolling on the skateboard park with friends could be fun. No matter how old you are, or you’re skinny, tall, overweight, you can still enjoy the fun of skateboarding. If you can roll on the skateboard, which means you already know how to skate. It is the most basic thing to do when skateboarding. Now we’re going to learn where to start and what to learn in the very first step, hopefully you can keep your interest and eager to skateboard!

Set up your equipment.

A skateboard is consisted of Deck, wheels, bearing, truck, hardware, you can easily combine them follow the indication step by step. Or there’re many complete skateboards on the market, choose one you like the most. Don’t forget the hamlet, it’s very important to keep your head safe from injury, some look cool! Furthermore, wrist guards, elbow pads, and knee pads are also the regular protective gear you can wear, mainly when you are just getting started. Then you can start your skateboard journey.

Find a place that suit to skate.

Try to find the skateboard that nears you, or choose the road with good surfaces. It would be better if you can find a venue for skateboard beginners. Spending time with skate friends and learning skill with each other, that would consumedly increment your skateboarding interest, and help you keep learning the new skill.

Watch skating videos.

Skating videos are at the heart of skating culture. You can find virtuosic displays of skating prowess, as well as helpful hints and tips for the beginner. Forget about the trick in the first stage until you get comfortable with the basics, know how to balance yourself on the skate, and keep rolling.

Learn the basic knowledge of skating.

Here we are going to introduce some basic knowledge of skating.

Stance: there are two basic stances in skateboarding. Regularly, the left foot will be on the floor to push and the right food will step in the front of the deck. Also, when you put your left foot forward, your right foot will be doing the pushing. Another pushing style is called Mongo push. Where you push with the front foot. This method isn’t good enough, it could be easy to get injury, which should be avoided as it’s difficult to advance to do tricks also.

Push: When you push off, your front foot ought to be facing forward while the back-foot pushes. It helps you strengthen the grip on the board, you should go for long and smooth pushes anytime you push. When you have grabbed the enough speed, you should then place your back foot on the back of the deck, please avoid the unsmooth surface and hole crack, that will cause you get hurt.

Turning: When you are comfortable with the above basic skill, you can try turning next. You just need to push on the tail and then guide with your front foot. You can just do little turning in the first stage and practice more.

Stopping or turning off : The most straightforward approach to stop as a beginner is to slide with your pushing foot or make small steps. Some juniors will pin the tail of the board down to touch the floor for stopping, but that will destroy the board after some times. You can check out for more way to stop when you could handle your skateboard.

Remember that skateboarding is about having fun. Learning to ride is one thing, learning tricks is another. If the latter is too frustrating, just let it go then.

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